RIDEP‘s core purpose (mission): To improve the livelihood security and quality of life of communities in Tharaka through ecological agriculture and to contribute to similar efforts elsewhere. Empowered rural communities living in a healthy environment and sustainably making use of available local resources and opportunities for improved quality of life.




People empowered by RIDEP Kenya have been able to produce farm products ranging from cereals,vegetables and even animals products. The RIDEP Kenya also works directly or indirectly with line ministries and other development agencies who are committed to strengthening and improving the marketing and entrepreneurial skills of the project target beneficiaries.




Recent Events

  •   World Environment Day – 5th June, 2014
  • Farmers Exchange Visit  - 26th – 29th, May, 2014

Upcoming Events

  •  Farmers training on causes, effects and adaptation to climate change
  •   Community livelihood diversification to adapt to climate change effects