About Us

Rural Initiatives Development Programme (RIDEP) has been in existence since 2000 when it was conceived. It was formally registered under the Kenyan Law in the year 2003 as a Self Help Group and later became a community Based organization (CBO). It has been carrying out activities in Tharaka. Over all this time, RIDEP has been implementing diverse program activities but without a clear focus on what really it wanted to achieve solely. This entailed that in the name of development it innocently carried out many activities at some points for sustainability (keep going) purpose as it waited and prayed to have a funding / development partner who could come its way for a long funding relationship.


Resilient communities living in a healthy environment and sustainably using local resources for their improved quality of whole life.


To facilitate local communities to build their resilience against the impacts of climate change through promoting agro-ecology and local enterprise development.


  1. Eco-system-centered development.
  2. Openness, transparency, and accountability.
  3. Open to creativity and innovation.
  4. Committed to action, result and impact.
  5. Commitment to partnership and networking.