RIDEP in partnership with ABN envisions Vibrant and resilient African communities; by building ecosystem resilience and food security in Africa. The specific goal of this project is to contribute to improved life on land through the conservation of bio-cultural diversity, and restoration of terrestrial and marine ecosystems In Tharaka and the entire Africa.


Community dialogues and meetings– These provide an opportunity for communities to reflect on their knowledge and practices around seed, food diversity, farming practices, and customary governance to analyze their challenges and suggest workable solutions.

Seed biodiversity conservation- This ensures Community perception of seed management is aligned with different contexts, including the soils, water, and gender-disaggregated knowledge, cultural practices around seeds, spirituality, and threats to seeds.

Bridging the inter-generational Knowledge gap between the young and elders- This aims to engage the younger generation with ideas of bio-cultural diversity and associated local knowledge about building resilient livelihoods.

Action learning through Nature experiential knowledge and exchanges-This is aimed at encouraging community solidarity and learning from each other as peers.