The project focuses on landscape restoration by reducing water runoff. RIDEP is mobilizing target communities, holding capacity-building sessions on the importance of water catchments, and supporting the establishment of water catchments.

Mainly the project will focus on the establishment of water pans:

Water pans

Water pans are large holes, mostly rectangular that are dug on the group to harvest water runoff, water from roads, and ditches. Water pans can be dug by hand or heavy machinery. Sometimes the pan bed and walls may be porous. In this case, liners are put to prevent percolation. At times, the pan walls may be porous but are left to self-seal. Water pans need to be de-silted from time to time. The water Pans can help the communities and the farmers to harvest water sometimes use all year round.


Key uses of the water pans.

  1. Watering livestock, cows, goats, camels, etc
  2. Farming around the water pan as shown in the picture below.
  3. For community water supply.
  4. For watering tree nursery.